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Founded in autum of 1983 Kelvin Bullen vocals and bass.guitar, Cosimo Lampis drums and percussion, Joggi Schmidt (JJ Brakes ) keyboards.

Recorded in 1984 analog 16 track Carlin Studios Schwarzwald Germany.

additonal guitar overdubs K1Studios 2017.


(1) Triology

One of creations many numerlogical processes esensial to man and every biogolical

living substance. God, spirit, man and the fallen sent angels .

(Cosimo at his best snappy, fast and tight groove)


(2) Living for the stand

Inspired from the movie Mad Max. Yes we must all learn to live or die for,

what we stand for when most times we just turn around and run.


 (3) The Injection

love transmissions and fun (synth effects and solo J.J.Brakes)





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